Friday, April 4, 2014


At long last I finished up a little project I've been working on for quite a while! I have a habit of starting projects willy-nilly with no real plan in mind, crossing my fingers and holding my breath hoping it will turn out!  Usually sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.  In this case, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome...
I've been wanting to try the QAYG method for ages.  For this bag I loosely followed a basic bag pattern but used the QAYG method for making the panels.  I cut batting slightly larger than the required measurements and trimmed them down to the correct size and constructed the bag as per the instructions. It turned out pretty good but there are a few areas I will change next time around! The flour label was cut from a piece of fabric originally purchased to make curtains for my sewing room but I couldn't resist cutting into it - it's entirely made up of vintage flour sack labels!  Who could resist! I see many more of these cute bags in my future.  This one will be used for my EPP projects.
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Monday, March 24, 2014


I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post!  I have been busy in my little sewing room working on lots of projects but finishing none! I'm sure you can all relate!
I finally decided to work on my aversion to paper piecing. I found a great pattern here and made up trial a block! I won't tell you how long it took me, but after a few false starts, I managed to finish this little block...

 I'm not sure why I have so much trouble wrapping my brain around this technique!  I keep wanting to place the fabric opposite to where it should actually go! I finished another block but when I turned it over one of my fabric pieces was too small.  Not sure how that happened!  I almost cried and spent probably more time trying to fix it than it took me to make the actual block!  Anyway, I feel like I have a handle on paper piecing.  I actually find it fun and love the precision.  Personally, I think the best part is tearing away the paper!

But here is my really exciting news!  Look what I bought...

Eep! Isn't it cute!  I have wanted a serger for ages and decided to treat myself!  I haven't fired it up yet, but I did buy some really cute knit fabric! Wish me luck!


Friday, February 28, 2014


I haven't been buying much fabric lately, but I did order a bundle of Hello Petal from the Intrepid Thread! They always manage to have exactly what I want.  Anyway, I whipped up this cute little quilt in no time...
I love the softness of this quilt. These prints are so sweet! Who can resists cats and cute little girls! 
And...I'm finally ready to cut into these...

These came from Mad About Patchwork, my favourite online Canadian fabric retailer.  I have had these for quite a while as I have been unable to decide on a pattern.  I've finally made my choice and I'm almost ready to start cutting! I'll keep you updated!
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Friday, February 21, 2014


My much younger friend just had a gorgeous baby girl last week! In an effort to put my garment sewing skills to the test, I whipped up these...
I think they turned out pretty good!  The pattern was great and all went well until the waistband when I had a little trouble. In the end I made a casing and inserted the elastic and it worked out just fine!  I do enjoy working with knits (is there a serger in my future - perhaps) and making these small projects is so satisfying! Pattern found here
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Go Canada!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014


We have a winner for my first little giveaway!
It's #3 - Ohiomom!
I used the Random Number Generator website to pick the number.  I don't know how to copy it to my blog so you will have to trust me on this one!
Send me an email Ohiomom with your contact info!
Thanks to all four of you who entered. Check back soon...there may be another one!
Happy Family Day to my BC readers!

Friday, February 7, 2014


At long last I had my first sale in my little fabric shop! To mark this momentous occasion, I have decided to have my first giveaway! I put together this little bundle of 1/4 metre cuts (that's 10 inches to my American readers) of each Kona cotton in my shop which also happen to be my favourite Kona colours...

These include White, Snow, Ash, Aqua and Peony!
Now, I know I don't get a huge amount of people reading my blog, so I'm going to leave this giveaway open until I have ten comments or until Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. (which happens to be Family Day here in B.C.) at which time I will randomly pick a winner!
Hopefully, this is the start to more sales and I can stock more colours! As my friend Caroline said (who happens to have a fabulous Etsy shop), every conglomerate started with one sale!

Friday, January 31, 2014


For the longest time I've been admiring all the low volume quilts out there in the blogging/quilting world.  I decided it was about time to give it a try!  Here's my (almost) finish...

I think this qualifies as low volume.  The colours are actually much softer than what is depicted!  I again used some of my Posy prints with a few solids, polka dots and gingham prints from my stash.  I didn't manage to get the binding finished due to a busy week at work - will hopefully get to it today (or perhaps I should wait until the Super Bowl)!  The little squares finish at 3 inches with a 3 inch border.  I often forget how nice it is to just make a simple patchwork quilt! I really enjoyed the peaceful rhythm of sewing the squares together and watching the top come together.   
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